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I have been very fortunate to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve (MCFP) many times, frequently walking the trails for hours by myself . The sounds, sights and smells defy description but I offer these images as a way to remind myself what I've experienced.
Many years ago, I had a dream in which I was on a trail in the Reserve. As I turned a corner and looked down into a wide and distant ravine, I saw countless flickering blue lights which I knew to be the light of Consciousness itself, manifesting in the myriad organisms of the forest - and the forest itself.
Each time I visit the Reserve, I silently thank it for that experience that confirmed the unity of all things to me and ask for its blessings for the day.

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Alix Neel(non-registered)
Quite simply amazing.
I love your comments about the blue (pearl) lights.....
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